Buckeye Youth Council Recruitment Begins

Applications are now open for a position on Buckeye’s Youth Council. It’s the perfect opportunity to develop leadership skills while learning about city government. Youth council members also develop a strong sense of personal growth and achievement since they are frequently called upon to help make decisions affecting their peers in the city of Buckeye.

To apply, students must meet the following requirements:

  • Be between the ages of 13 and 19
  • Enrolled as a junior high or high school student in the city of Buckeye, or from an area that serves Buckeye youth
  • Able to attend bi-monthly meeting

In return, members of BYC have the opportunity to attend several conferences throughout the year, expand their networks by meeting with local officials, business leaders and other youth council members from neighboring cities.

BYC members also have an opportunity to volunteer at various special events including the Buckeye Air Fair, Independence Day Celebration, Buckeye Days, Veterans Lift Up event and many more.

There are six positions to fill this coming year. To apply, please complete the application by August 25, 2017. Qualified applicants will be invited to Buckeye City Hall for an in-person interview.

For more details on Buckeye’s Youth Council, please visit buckeyeaz.gov/buckeye-youth-council/

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