Buckeye Youth Council Visits Washington, D.C.

Six members of Buckeye’s Youth Council spent their Spring Break in Washington, D.C. attending the National League of Cities annual conference. They attended numerous workshops on topics such as diversity, lobbying and advocacy, and trust building.

Also on the agenda was a meeting with staff from Congressman Raul Grijalva’s office where they discussed policy interests and civic engagement. Staffers inspired each member of the youth council to make working in Congress part of their future.

One of the required activities the youth council members completed during the conference was creating a poster that addressed the biggest challenges facing Buckeye. The three main topics were economic development, water and salt cedars in the Gila River.

“This trip to Washington opened my eyes to the amount of thought and planning that goes into our city,” said Buckeye Youth Council member Morgan Harris, a freshman at Tonopah Valley High School. “We truly have amazing leaders that work hard on our behalf. This opportunity gave me a better appreciation and understanding of some of the issues Buckeye is currently addressing.”

It wasn’t all work for the youth council; they were able to brave the cold and visit a few of our national monuments and memorials. They also connected with the Peoria Youth Council over dinner with the goal of collaborating on some upcoming projects in the west valley.

To be selected for the trip, candidates were required to give a presentation on why they should attend the conference to a five-member panel which included Buckeye Vice Mayor Craig Heustis and Councilmember Jeanine Guy.

The mission of the Buckeye Youth Council is to empower young leaders and help develop and cultivate effective leadership skills. More information can be found at http://www.buckeyeaz.gov/buckeye-youth-council/

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