Frequently Asked Questions by Type

1.Where is the Buckeye Municipal Airport (BMA) Located?
3000 S. Palo Verde Road
Buckeye, AZ 85326
I-10, EXIT 109-SOUTH

2.How Long is the BMA Runway?
The length of the BMA Runway is 5,500 feet.

3.How Wide is the BMA Runway?
The width of the BMA Runway is 75 feet.

4.What is the Weight Restriction for the BMA Runway?
The Weight Restriction for the BMA Runway is 30,000 pounds – Single Wheel

5.What is the current 100LL fuel pricing?
The current price is $5.46 gallon.

6.Does BMA offer Jet A fuel?
Not at this time. The closest proximity airport is the Phoenix Goodyear Airport located at 1658 S. Litchfield Rd, Goodyear AZ.

1. What are the City offices hours?
City offices will be open from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Thursday. Many City offices will be closed on Fridays.

You can make payments online here 24/7 or outside of the building at the automatic payment machine located at City Hall located at 530 E. Monroe Ave Buckeye, AZ 85326

If you have a police or fire emergency call 911.

If you are the news media, email

If you would like to make a comment or report a violation, click here for our online forms.

2. Can I still schedule construction inspections on Fridays?
Inspection services are available on Fridays. Please contact your inspector for scheduling options or call 623-349-6200 for more information.

3. Will the day my water bill is due be affected by City offices being closed on Friday?
Water bill payments are billed on Wednesdays and are due in 21 days, so payments will never be due on a Friday

4.Will I be able to turn my water on/off on Friday?
Water turn-on/off will occur Monday through Thursday.

1. Do I have to establish an LLC or Corporation to apply for a business license and if so, how do I do that?
Businesses are not required by law to set up a specific ownership structure in order to apply for a business license. There are advantages to doing this, and the City encourages applicants to contact the Arizona Corporation Commission to discuss their specific situation. If you choose to establish this type of ownership structure, please do so prior to applying for a license, as this will modify your business name.

2. How do I register my business name?
Some applicants may want to ensure that their business name is trademarked so no other businesses can advertise under that name. To trademark your business name, you must check with the Arizona Secretary of State and determine if the desired business name is available, and if so, file to trademark it. There is a fee involved, so please contact the Secretary of State for more specific fees and requirements.

3. I have let my license lapse, and would like to renew it….how can I do this?
If you do not keep your license current, and at the time of expiration do not send in the renewal, to indicate you are no longer doing business or wish to renew, you will have to apply for a new license which will create a new license number.

4. What is a Transaction Privilege Tax license and do I need one?
A Transaction Privilege Tax license is a tax license issued by the Arizona Department of Revenue to collect and remit sales tax. If you sell any type of tangible good, or you are renting your home, you are required by City Code and state law to obtain your Transaction Privilege Tax license. This license can be obtained through the Arizona Department of Revenue and is required to be submitted with a license application if applicable. If you are a service based business, you are NOT required to obtain this type of license, but will need to apply for the City Business License.

5. If I am an event vendor, do I need to apply for a business license?
If you are participating in an event that has a special event license with the City, then you do not need to apply for a separate individual business license. You are responsible for applying for (if you do not have already) your Transaction Privilege Tax license to remit sales tax on what you sell at the event. In addition, if you are a food vendor, you are required by Maricopa County Department of Health Services to have a Permit to Operate and a Food Manager’s Card.

6. I’m a non-profit organization…do I need to have a business license for the City?
No. Non-profit organizations who have obtained their 501(c)(3) certificate are not required to have a business license in the City.

7. Will I be billed for my license renewal or will my license automatically update?
The City will send you a renewal form 30-45 days prior to the license expiration date. If you choose to renew, confirm that the information is correct, and if not, make the necessary changes on the form. Send in the form with payment and we will mail you an updated license. If you are not renewing, be SURE to send the renewal back to the City indicating that you do not wish to renew. If you do not send the renewal back with that information, and you choose to renew past your expiration date, you will have to apply for a new license.

8.How much does a business license cost?
The fee associated with your license depends on the type of business you are conducting. Most license fees are either $40.00 or $100.00 a year. For a complete list of fees please see our fee schedule.

9.Where can I go to find additional information on starting a business in Arizona?
Please see the Arizona Commerce Authority Small Business Services free online Checklist Program designed to help you navigate quickly and easily to information on what you need to know, who you need to contact and where you need to go to license your business in Arizona. It also includes contact information to statewide resources and assistance to accelerate your business growth.

1. What do I do if the earth around a monument or on a grave is settling?
Contact cemetery staff and they will process a work order to backfill the grave or raise and level the monument. You can contact cemetery maintenance at 623-349-6170.

2. What decorations can be placed on the grave?
Decorations can be placed on the grave however; they must be placed in an approved, permanent flower vase. All other decorations are subject to removal AT ANY TIME for maintenance and safety purposes. The only exceptions are funeral arrangements and certain holiday decoration.

Picture frames, toys, jewelry, similar ornaments, glassware or metal designs, wooden or wire fences, trellis or any structure and plantings (including sod) are strictly prohibited. Holiday arrangements are allowed only on the following holidays and will be removed 10 days after the holiday: Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day and Veteran’s Day.

For questions regarding items placed on a headstone or a headstone itself, please contact cemetery staff at 623-349-6170.

3. How do I find a grave?  If you know the grave description (grave, lot, block, section) a map is available at the cemetery.  If you only have a name, the grave description can be obtained by calling the cemetery office at 623-349-6170.  If you still cannot find the grave, arrangements can be made for an employee to meet you at the cemetery during normal business hours.

4. How do I purchase a headstone for a grave?
A monument can be ordered through any monument company or mortuary. Companies can be found online or through the phone book. Bronze markers are not recommended for the Louis B. Hazelton cemetery due to extreme weather and irrigation conditions.

All headstone monuments must be flat markers, installed flush with the ground. Installation of markers is only permitted by the Town of Buckeye Fire Department’s cemetery staff. Headstone installation fee must be paid prior to markers being installed. ALL UNAUTHORIZED INSTALLATION OF HEADSTONES WILL BE REMOVED.

Headstone specifications:
SINGLE: 24″ Wide x 12″ Long
DOUBLE: 48″ Wide x 16″ Long
INFANT: 18″ Wide x 9″ Long

5. How do I purchase a plot?  All plots are purchased through the City of Buckeye.  You should call or stop by City Hall or Fire Administration to obtain the required forms or the funeral home may act as your agent; however, all forms MUST be filled out and signed.

6. Do you offer a payment plan?  Yes, if you wish to reserve a plot, the City does provide a payment plan; however, all plots must be paid in full, within one year and NO burials will be allowed until all fees are paid in full.

7. Can anyone be buried at the Cemetery? No, a person must either meet residency requirements in the Buckeye area, or have family members buried in the cemetery.

8. I think I have a plot reserved.  If you have a plot reserved, you will have a Certificate of Ownership.  If you do not or cannot locate it, please contact the cemetery office.  If you cannot locate the certificate and the City does not have a record of the transaction, a plot is NOT reserved and could be used by others.

9. What type of headstone can I have?  The City requires all headstones and markers to be flat or flush with the ground.  A concrete border is provided by the City with a space for flowers.

The maximum dimension for single headstone is 28” x 16” and 40” x 16” for  a double headstones, where double headstones must have two neighboring plots purchased.

10. Can I set the Marker?  No, only the City of Buckeye or its agent is authorized to perform work at the cemetery.  Once a headstone has been purchased, you will need to contact the administrative office to request a headstone placement.  There is also a fee associated with the placement.

11. Can someone else make the arrangements for me? Yes, another family member or the funeral home may make arrangements; however, all forms must be filled out completely, signed, fees paid and a receipt from the City  before the transaction is final.  All transaction activity must be complete within 48 hours of a scheduled burial, or the Cemetery Staff shall have the right to postpone services.

12. I left flowers on a grave and now they are gone.  Once each month, the City removes wilted or faded flowers and any unlawful items from the cemetery.  During mowing, flowers may be moved and replaced; however, employees have been instructed not to remove fresh flowers, plants or silk flowers.  Because employees are not at the cemetery each day during visiting hours, the City cannot be held responsible for vandalism or theft.

13. How do I report a concern about the cemetery? If you have a concern about the cemetery, we encourage you to call or stop by the cemetery office at any time, during normal business hours.

1. What is the Protection Class Rating for my home?
The City of Buckeye ISO Rating is a 4. If you live outside the City limits, or you live in an unincorporated part of Buckeye, please contact your local Fire Service provider for information about your rating.

2. Can I schedule a fire station tour?
Please complete the online request form: Services & Events Request Form.

3. How do I schedule a fire inspection?

Contact Development Services at (623) 349-6200. Homeowners and contractors may also schedule an inspection, using the web based Permit Portal Access to apply for, obtain, and track current permit status and/or inspection information.

Be sure to provide the address and permit number with any inspection request. If any inspection is made and the work not approved, the applicant must make the necessary corrections prior to the commencement of any additional construction activity. Construction work may be stopped at any time for non-compliance to codes and/or approved plans.

The applicant is responsible for requesting all required inspections, at least 24 hours in advance.

For more information, please contact our Fire Marshal, Nate Ryan at 623-349-6759.
Permit Portal Access

4. Where can I get my blood pressure checked?

Blood pressure can be checked at any of the fire stations when a crew is there. Please visit the Map It section of our website to find out which fire station is closest to you.

5. My smoke detector is beeping… What does that mean?

A smoke detector will beep or “chirp” once every minute or so when the batteries need to be changed. Alarms should be checked every month to make sure they are working.  You will also need to plan on changing the batteries and removing the dust off the detectors at least one time per year.

6. Does Buckeye Fire Medical Rescue install car seats?

Yes. Please complete the online request form: Services & Events Request Form.

7. How can I arrange a ride-along?
If you would like to ride along and you are over the age of 18, please complete the online request form: Services & Events Request Form.

8. Can Buckeye Fire Medical Rescue fill my pool?
No, we do not provide this service.

9. When will Buckeye Fire Medical Rescue begin hiring?
We strive to keep an active list – be sure to look at our webpage for when new positions will be posted.

10. Does Buckeye Fire Medical Rescue offer children immunizations?
We do not provide immunizations. For further information contact Buckeye Valley Fire District at 623-386-5906.

11. Can the Fire Medical Rescue Department remove bees?
If the bees are a threat and have started to sting please contact 911. If you have a bee hive, please contact a local bee removal company to assist you.

12. Why do firefighters hang out in grocery stores? Are we paying for their food?
Firefighters are required to pay for their own meals. To make meals economical, they will go to the grocery store in their area and shop for lunch and dinner.

13. Can I schedule a fire truck or a firefighter at my school or community function?
Yes. Please complete the online request form: Services & Events Request Form.

14. I’m confused. Are Buckeye Fire Medical Rescue and Buckeye Valley Fire District the same?
No, we are not. Buckeye Fire Department is a full time department providing service to the City of Buckeye. Buckeye Valley Fire District focuses on the rural areas of Buckeye, although both departments often work at the same scenes together providing a high quality service

15. What is the Protection Class Rating for my home?

The City of Buckeye ISO Rating is a 4. If you live outside the City limits, or you live in an unincorporated part of Buckeye, please contact your local Fire Service provider for information about your rating.

16. How do I find out if today is a no-burn day?

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality-Air Quality Division governs whether or not a day is designated as a no-burn day.  You can visit the following website:

17. How do I get information about the Community Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T.)?

To request information about C.E.R.T., please complete the online request form: Services & Events Request Form.

18. How do I request a fire incident or medical report?

To receive a copy of a fire incident report or medical report, please complete the online request form: Services & Events Request Form.

19. How do I request information or send a referral regarding the juvenile firesetter program?

To request additional information or submit a referral, please complete the online request form: Services & Events Request Form.

20. I am concerned about a neighbor burning material on his or her property? What can I do?

If you are concerned about a potential emergency or safety hazard, please contact 911.  However, if you would like to file a complaint, you need to contact Arizona Department of Environmental Quality – Air Quality Division.  You can call in a complaint or file a complaint online.

1. What are the plan review fees for Fire Department permits?
For current fees, please contact Community Development Permitting at (623) 349-6200.

To schedule a Fire Department inspection, click the link below to visit the Permit Center. City of Buckeye Online Permit Center

2. Are deferred submittals required for Fire Plans review?
Deferred submittals are required for the following:

A. Automatic Fire Sprinkler System – Systems with 20 or more heads are required to be monitored. Systems with less than 20 heads MAY be required to be monitored.
B. Automatic Fire Alarm Systems must be monitored by an approved third party. Tenant improvements to shell require individual monitoring.
C. Commercial Kitchen Hood Suppression systems.
D. Special Fire Suppression Systems (ie: FM200 / UL300 systems)
E. Plans are required to be designed by a NICET III or IV stamped, signed, or Fire Protection Engineer sealed and signed.

3. Are fire flow tests required to be witnessed by the Fire Department?
Flow tests are required to be performed by a qualified company and/or individual AND witnessed by a Fire Department representative. Please contact Nate Ryan, Fire Marshal, at (623) 349-6759, to schedule a flow test.

Please note: a permit, including a fee, is required to prior to performing this test. Please contact Development Services Permitting at (623) 349-6200 to obtain a permit.

4. Are residential care facilities required to have an Automatic Sprinkler System installed?
All Residential Care facilities are classified as an R-4 occupancy and are required to have Automatic Sprinkler System installed (Modified 13D). Contact the Nate Ryan, Fire Marshal, at (623) 349-6759 for additional requirements.

5. To what codes are the installations of above or underground LPG Tanks required to conform?
Installations of all portable, above ground or underground LPG tanks at a minimum will conform to the following:

A. The 2012 International Fire Code
B. The 2012 International Fuel Gas Code
C. The 2011 edition of NFPA 58 – Liquefied Petroleum Gas Code
D. Underground tanks shall not be buried until inspected and approved for burial by the Buckeye Fire Department

Contact Nate Ryan, Fire Marshal, at (623) 349-6759 for additional requirements

6. How do I find out if today is a no-burn day?

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality-Air Quality Division governs whether or not a day is designated as a no-burn day.  Please visit: for more information.

1. How do I pay my library fines?
Acceptable payments are: Cash and checks. Also accepting debit/credit with a min.$5.00 transaction.

2. How do I get a library card?
Getting a library card is easy, and free! Just bring in your photo id that shows your current address, if your id does not show your current address, please bring a proof of a current address along with your id. A friendly staff member will then open a library account just for you! All library material is good for a two week check out period. We now have on-line registration.

Click here to register

3. How do I access the card catalog?
Please visit the following link to access the card catalog: Buckeye Public Library card catalog

4. How do I renew my library material?
You can renew online by clicking on the library catalog link and log into your account. You can also call the library at 623-349-6300 and a friendly staff member will renew your material for you.

5. Do you have computers that I can use?
Yes, we have 14 public computers that can be used. Just bring in your library card and we will make you a computer reservation. Printing is .10 a page for black and white and .75 a page for color.

6. Is your library a wi-fi hot spot?
Yes, you can bring your laptop and sit anywhere in the library or in Kell Park and connect to wifi.

7. What other services does the library provide?
Other services provided are:

Online music and book downloads HERE
Inter Library Loans
Reference Assistance
Friends of the Library

1. What are your hours of operation?
Fridays and Saturdays
11am – 4pm
To schedule a tour call:

2. How much does it cost to visit the museum?
Nothing! Visiting the Buckeye Valley Museum is free, so come and visit us!

1. What should I do if I find a dead animal?
If the animal is on private property, it must be disposed of by the property owner. If it is found in a common area maintained by an HOA, the HOA is responsible for removal. If it is located in a public Right of Way or public roadway, contact the Public Works department at 623-349-6800.

2. How do I report downed or overhanging trees?
If the trees are on private property, they must be maintained by the property owner. If there are downed trees in a common area maintained by an HOA, contact the HOA for removal or trimming. For downed or overhanging trees within a public Right of Way or in a public roadway, contact Public Works at 623-349-6800. If you observe downed trees that are blocking the flow of traffic after regular business hours, contact the Police Dept at 623-349-6400.

3. How do I report graffiti?
For graffiti on private property, contact the Police Department at 623-349-6400.
For graffiti in common areas maintained by an HOA, report the location to the HOA.
For graffiti in a public Right of Way, contact Public Works at 623-349-6800.

1. How do I dispose of a dead animal?
– Small animals less than 75 lbs. on private property may be bagged and disposed of in your
trash container.
– Dead animals in the public Right of Way may be reported to Public Works at 623-349-6800
– Dead dogs and cats may also be delivered to Maricopa County Animal Care at
2700 S. 257th Ave, Phoenix AZ 85009, contact 602-506-7387
– Dead farm animals may be disposed of through the Department of Agriculture,
contact 602-542-0799 or 800-594-0305 for assistance.

2 .How do I dispose of household hazard materials such as paints, pesticides, herbicides, anti-freeze, etc.?
The following locations will accept household hazardous waste. To make arrangements and inquire about fees contact the companies below:

2844 W. Broadway, Phoenix
623-349-6805 to make arrangements

Hassayampa Waste Transfer Station
32450 W. Salome Hwy, Tonopah

3. What is the Green Waste Program?
This is a free service to residential solid waste customers. The Green Waste program is a new service offered to City of Buckeye residents that will collect green waste on a quarterly basis. This service is in addition to the Bulk Waste program. Please review the Solid Waste brochure located on the Solid Waste web page for instructions on how to prepare your green waste material.

4. What is Green Waste?
Green waste is brush, tree trimmings, small plants, grass, leaves, palm fronds, etc.

5. How do I know when my Green Waste and Bulk Collection days are?
Please visit the brochure that is located on the Solid Waste webpage, or call our Customer Service department at 623-349-6100.

6. Can I place my green waste out with my bulk waste?
No. We are making a strong effort to recycle green waste materials, that can be diverted from the landfill and turned into a usable by-product. All bulk waste goes into our landfill.

7. What about small plants and leaves from trimmings? How do I put those out for collection?
Place small debris into a plastic or metal container (no larger than 35 gallons) and set it out with your other green waste. Your container will be emptied and returned to the curb. PLEASE DO NOT BAG YOUR LOOSE MATERIAL. Bags will not be picked up during Green Waste collection as they cannot be composted.

8. How much green waste can I put at the curb.
Your green waste pile cannot be larger than 6 ft. by 6 ft. or 8 cubic yards.

9. What happens if I don’t bundle my tree limbs or brush?
Republic Services will make every effort to collect your materials; however, for purposes of safety and time, these materials are required to be prepared in bundles no more than 3 ft. in length and 2 ft. in diameter.

10. Will the City have a Christmas Tree drop-off program or does the Green Waste program replace it?
No, the Green Waste program replaces the Christmas Tree drop-off. Residents will no longer deliver their Christmas Trees to a drop-off location. Christmas Trees will be collected at the curb in January. Please consult the Green Waste collection schedule.

11. When can I place my green waste out for collection?
The Green Waste schedule provides you with the dates to begin placing your material out for collection. Typically you may place your material out two-three days ahead of the collection date. All green waste material must be at curb NO LATER than 6:00 a.m. on collection day. Please visit the Solid Waste brochure located on the Solid Waste web page for details.

12. What do I do if I miss the Green Waste collection day?
You may take your material to the Southwest Regional Landfill, located at 24427 Arizona 85. The landfill is located on the east side of SR85, approximately 10 miles south of MC85. The cost to Buckeye residents is $10.00 for loads less than 500 lbs.

13. Where does Green Waste go for composting if it is not going to the landfill?
All yard waste collected during the Green Waste collection days will go to the Duncan Farms Compost Facility located on Sarival Road.


1. How do I make an appointment to see the City Manager?
Please call Diane Maloney at 623-349-6910 or e-mail to request an appointment with City Manager Stephen Cleveland.

What are the current water rates?


1. How do I start water and trash service?
There are two options:

  1. Visit our Utility Billing division located at City Hall, 530 E Monroe Avenue with a completed service application and applicable deposit fees.
  2. You may e-mail your completed application to the Utility Billing division at A representative will contact you to confirm your application has been received. Please note that the application must be accompanied by photo ID, your signed rental agreement or settlement statement, and payment information2. How do I terminate my service?

To stop service, please complete the Termination request form. You may submit this by email at You may also visit us in person at 530 E Monroe Ave, Buckeye AZ 85326.

3. How can I pay my bill online or set up automatic payment?
You can instantly pay your bill by visiting You can also set up automatic payment or review your account information. If you utilize this website to pay your past due, you should report your payment to us by calling 623-349-6100. Payments made through this website can take 1-2 business days and may result in your water being shut off if payments are not reported.

4. What if my account is delinquent?
If you are paying a delinquent bill or you have been shut-off for non-payment, you should contact a Customer Service Representative in person or by telephone to reschedule a resumption of your water service. You may reach us at 623-349-6100 during our normal business hours, Monday through Thursday from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm.

5. Will there be a charge if my debit card or check transaction is returned?
Yes, we will reverse the transaction, and as with other returned items, e.g. unable to locate bank or insufficient funds, closed account. We will charge your account the standard return check fee of $35 plus applicable taxes. Services may be interrupted without notice when this occurs.

1. For the purpose of financing, the CFD may utilize two types of bonds: district special assessment lien bonds and general obligation bonds.   District special assessment lien bonds are repaid through semi-annual assessment payments made by the property owners within the district.  General obligation bonds are repaid by ad valorem, or property taxes on the taxable property within the CFD.  Some of the CFD’s have both bonds, while others may only have one.

Special General Sample
Assessment Obligation Disclosure
LIEN Bond Bond Statement
Anthem Sun Valley CFD No O&M
Elianto CFD No O&M
Festival Ranch CFD Yes Yes Festival Ranch CFD
Mirielle CFD No O&M
Sundance CFD Yes Yes Sundance CFD
Tartesso West CFD No Yes
Trillium CFD No O&M
Verrado District 1 CFD No Yes
Verrado Western Overlay CFD No Yes
Watson Rd CFD Yes No Watson Rd CFD
Westpark CFD Yes Yes Westpark CFD
Miller Rd ID Yes No
Jackrabbit Trl ID Yes No


2. Q: Can I payoff my assessment early? A: Assessments may be paid in full at any time without prepayment penalties; however, they are subject to a payoff fee of $50 and any interest due to the next bond call date.

3. Q: This is my first bill I received and I was not told about this assessment, who should have informed me?  A: It is the task of the selected title company to ensure that a buyer obtains clear title.  Once the title report is obtained, the buyer should pose any/all questions regarding the report to their title officer.

4. Q: How soon do I have after the due date to make payment before it is sent to the Attorney for collection? A: Payment is due 6/1/xx and 12/1/xx, without penalty. Payment will be accepted after 6/1/xx and 12/1/xx, up to 6/15/xx and 12/15/xx, with a 5% penalty added. Payment made after 6/15/xx and 12/15/xx, subject to significant collection costs.


For questions or concerns, please contact Kim Sandstrom, Special Districts Manager,

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