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Residential Rental Property

Residential Rentals / Leases
The City of Buckeye began taxing residential real property rentals in 1987. The City of Buckeye privilege (sales) tax rate on residential rental income is 2%. There is no state or county sales tax on residential rentals.

Commercial Rentals / Leases
Commercial leases are taxed at the combined rate of 2.5%. The City of Buckeye privilege (sales) tax rate on commercial rental income is 2% and the Maricopa County rate is .5%.

The City of Buckeye is a program city which means the City is in the State’s collection system. Income from rental property within the City of Buckeye is reported to the State on the Arizona Transaction Privilege Tax (TPT-1) form, Arizona Privilege Tax Return . The State then remits the tax to the City.

******The City of Buckeye Privilege Tax Rate will decrease to 2% effective October 1, 2012.******

Mike Miller
Tax Accountant

530 East Monroe Avenue
Buckeye, AZ 85326

Mail to:530 East Monroe Avenue
Buckeye, AZ  85326

Phone: (623) 349-6165
Fax:    (623) 349-6221

Administrative Hours
Monday - Thursday
7:00AM - 6:00PM

If you have rental property located within the City limits, you are required to apply to the State for a transaction privilege tax license on the State’s joint application form. Arizona Joint TPT License Application

Anyone who owns residential rental property in the State of Arizona must register with the county assessor where the property is located. Forms can be obtained from the City of Buckeye for compliance with ARS 33-1902(A) or on-line at Registering Residential Rental Property with Maricopa County. This statute went into effect August 6, 1999. Owners not in compliance with the statute can be assessed a civil penalty if cited.  

Tax Forms
  • Arizona Privilege Tax Return 
  • Instructions To Arizona Privilege Tax Return 

    Maricopa County Forms and Information
    •  Notice To Residential Rental Property Owners

    Frequently Asked Questions
     FAQ's on Residential Rental Properties

  • City of Buckeye • 530 East Monroe Avenue • Buckeye, AZ 85326 • Phone: 623-349-6000
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