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City Clerk
Welcome to the Office of the City Clerk

August 26, 2014 Primary Election Information for Voters!


Q. Will the Permanent Base Adjustment increase or decrease my taxes?
A. No. The Permanent Base Adjustment has no impact on taxes or tax rates. It does not authorize or cause the City to impose any new or additional taxes, or to spend revenues it does not have or reasonably anticipates receiving. It does not change the property or sales tax rates. Rather, it allows the citizens, through the City Council, to determine the amount of expenditures the City can spend rather than relying on a formula developed in 1980.

Q. What is “Permanent Base Adjustment” or the Alternative Expenditure?
A. The City of Buckeye, like all cities and towns in Arizona, is required to have a balanced budget where spending cannot exceed available revenues. Additionally, State law requires that each city in Arizona cap its annual expenditures either by adhering to a limit (based on expenditure figures from 1980) or by obtaining voter approval on an alternative expenditure limitation for a temporary period.

Home Rule is the alternative expenditure limitation option that has been approved by the City of Buckeye voters seven times since 1982. The Permanent Base Adjustment option allows Buckeye residents to determine an appropriate expenditure limitation based on 2014 service levels rather than the service levels in 1980.

Q. What would happen if Permanent Base Adjustment is not approved by the voters?
A. If a Permanent Base Adjustment is not approved, the City of Buckeye Council would be required to operate under the state expenditure limitation that is based upon revenue figures from 1980.

Based on current projections, if the Permanent Base Adjustment is not approved, the City will have to reduce certain services and programs from its 2016-2017 Budget to conform to the state-imposed spending limit. Despite having the funds available for municipal services, state law would prevent the City of Buckeye from expending these funds.

Q. What’s the difference between Permanent Base Adjustment and the state imposed spending limitation?
A. Permanent Base Adjustment offers communities more flexibility in budgeting. When the state imposed formula was originally developed in 1980, the Town of Buckeye had a population under 4,000 residents. Today, Buckeye has approximately 56,000 residents.

The increased population has increased demand for police, fire, parks, streets, water and other essential services. Permanent Base Adjustment allows the community to set an appropriate expenditure limitation within the bounds of the law based on the increased demand in service levels, whereas the state imposed spending limitation operates off of the 1980 service levels.

Lucinda Aja, City Clerk
530 East Monroe Avenue
Buckeye, AZ 85326
Fax: (623) 349-6098, Phone: (623) 349-6911

Deborah Harrell, Deputy City Clerk
Phone: (623) 349-6914 

Summer Stewart, Deputy City Clerk
Phone (623) 349-6915

Rebeca Haugse, Records Administrator
Phone: (623) 349-6912 

Please visit our Election Information web page for election information

District Boundaries


The Mission Statement of the Clerk’s Office is to provide a high level of service to both the citizens and associated members of the City in the most effective and efficient manner, while ensuring fiscal responsibility.

Responsibilities of the Clerk

The Clerk is responsible for maintaining the City’s records. Other responsibilities include: taking minutes of Council meetings, recording all local laws, Ordinances, and Codes, preparing agendas for Council Workshops and Meetings, and conducting City Elections.



City of Buckeye • 530 East Monroe Avenue • Buckeye, AZ 85326 • Phone: 623-349-6000
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