City of Buckeye Community Services Scholarship Program

What is the Buckeye Scholarship Fund?

The City of Buckeye Community Services Department maintains a Scholarship Fund to help youth and Active Adults in Buckeye who do not have the financial means to participate in fee based recreation programs.  The scholarship program is supported through donations, sponsorships and contributions made by businesses and individuals throughout the valley.  Through these funds, the Department is able to offer reduced fees for specific Programs.

Who is eligible?

Buckeye residents may apply for a scholarship of up to $100.00 per calendar year per youth or active adult to be used towards youth recreation programs.  A “youth” is defined as being 17 years of age or younger.  An “active adult” is defined as 60 years or over or 18 years of age and over with disability.  Applications are reviewed on an individual basis and are approved if the applicant falls within the income guidelines attached.  Income guidelines are on a sliding scale based on the total household income and number of dependents.  This determines the percentage that will be subsidized by the Scholarship Fund.


Which programs can I use the Scholarship for?

Scholarships cannot be used towards licensed care programs (Kid’s BASE, Break Programs, Lil’ Squirts Pre Schools and Summer Camp) or for adult trips that have a fee of less than $25.


Is it possible to join a City of Buckeye program for free?

The City of Buckeye offers several programming opportunities at no cost.  Programs that have associated registration fees require a $3.00 minimum co-pay for each program/class.

Applicants will also be responsible for all applicable late fees.  Late fees may NOT be deducted from the awarded scholarship amount.  Once the scholarship is awarded, participants who choose not to participate in the program will not be given credit toward another program.  Credits will not be given for programs paid with the scholarship program.


How long does it take to get approved?

Once an application is submitted and all supporting documents are received the Program Coordinator will contact you within 5 business days.  Placement in the program that you are interested in is contingent on space availability at the time of registration and not when the scholarship is submitted.  Scholarships are approved based on the availability of funds.


What supporting documentation is needed to apply?

Please see attached documentation requirements page.


Do I need to reapply for a scholarship each year?

Yes.  Need for financial assistance is assessed on an annual basis.  Scholarship money expires on December 31st each year regardless of amount used.  Scholarship money does not carry over.


May I do anything in return for this assistance?

YES!  The City of Buckeye encourages both youth and adults to volunteer.  Also, City of Buckeye donors appreciate learning how their contributions are used.  Submitting a short note about how you or your family benefited from the scholarship program is appreciated.  While we do appreciate your assistance, it is not a requirement for consideration or upon approval of your application.


Where do I go?

Print the application below and return it with required supporting documentation to the Recreation Center at 1003 E. Eason Ave. or the Buckeye Community Center at 201 E. Centre St.


I still have questions – who can I contact?

Contact Miranda Gomez at

Click here for a printable version of guidelines and requirements

Click here for the Scholarship Application

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