False Alarm Reduction Program

The False Alarm Reduction Program was initiated to substantially reduce the number of false alarms that the Buckeye Police Department responds to, thereby freeing up police resources to respond to emergencies.

The Buckeye Police Department has partnered with CryWolf (a false alarm management company) to manage alarm registration and false alarms.

The Buckeye Alarm Ordinance requires that all alarms be registered on CryWolf’s website (please visit Buckeye CryWolf’s secure website to complete the online registration process).

False Alarms:
False alarms will be tracked and the second false alarm (and any subsequent false alarm) within a year will result in a fine.

Major Causes of False Alarms:

– Unlocked or loose doors/ windows
– Children, Neighbors and Visitors
– Cleaning Crews/ Repairmen/ Pet Sitters
– Pets or other wildlife
– User Error
– Equipment Malfunction

Contact us at 623-349-6616

For Code Enforcement call 623-349-6622

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