The Office of the City Clerk

Welcome to the Office of the City Clerk. We are the official record keepers of the City. The Clerk is responsible for maintaining the City’s records, serving as elections official, preparing agendas and minutes for various Council Meetings in compliance with Open Meeting Laws, maintaining the City Code, managing Boards and Commissions, promoting transparency in local government by processing requests for public records, and processing liquor license applications.

What’s a Public Record?

Arizona Revised Statues defines records as: “all books, papers, maps, photographs or other documentary materials…made or received by any governmental agency in pursuance of law or in connection with the transaction of public business and preserved or appropriate for preservation by the agency or its legitimate successor as evidence of the organization, functions, policies, decisions, procedures, operations or other activities of the government, or because of the informational and historical value of data contained in the record, and includes records that are made confidential by statute.”

Request a Public Record

For Police Records please contact Records Division at (623) 349-6502, or visit their page here.

For Fire Incident and Medical Reports please contact Fire Administration at (623)349-6700, or fill out the request form here.

For Court Records please contact Magistrate Court Records at (623)349-6510, or visit their website here. 

The City Clerk’s Office is responsible for the preservation, maintenance and care of the City’s public records, and we make them available to you on request.

To get a copy of a public record (not including police, fire, or courts), simply fill out the form below.

Contact Information

We are here to serve you. Give us a call or email us and let us know how we can help.

Lucinda Aja, City Clerk
530 East Monroe Avenue
Buckeye, AZ 85326
Fax: (623) 349-6098, Phone: (623) 349-6911

Summer Stewart, Deputy City Clerk
Phone: (623) 349-6914

Lizbeth Camacho, Records Administrator
Phone: (623) 349-6912

Sujey Espinoza, Administrative Assistant
Phone (623) 349-6915

See a Map of District Boundaries

Special Event Liquor License Application

The office of the city clerks is responsible for processing special event liquor license applications. To obtain approval from the City for a license to be issued, you must complete the form below. Send your completed application to or by mail to City Clerk, 530 East Monroe Avenue, Buckeye, AZ 85326

Special Event Liquor License Application



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