Streets Division
Public Works Department

The City of Buckeye maintains well over 1,000 miles of paved roadways, and we’re growing nearly every day. The Streets Division is responsible for repairing any damage to streets, sidewalks, curbs and gutters, drainage basins, road shoulders, traffic signals, signage and streetlights. To get the job done, we’re organized into five branches:

The Rights of Way Branch maintains landscaped areas along streets and sidewalks, keeping them trimmed and clear to ensure the safety and pleasure of the traveling public. Community Homeowner’s Associations maintain landscaped areas along streets and sidewalks in residential areas and some major roadways regularly.

The Signs and Markings Branch fabricates, repairs and replaces necessary signage, following stringent federal regulations for day and night visibility.

The Street Sweeping Branch is in charge of dust mitigation, sweeping city-owned streets at least once a month following federal, state and county requirements. It’s also responsible for emergency cleanups.

The Traffic Signals and Street Light Branch installs, maintains and repairs the City’s traffic signals and all City-owned streetlights. Lights in HOA community parks and greenbelts are the responsibility of the HOA.

The Streets Maintenance Branch repairs all street damage such as potholes and other hazards, maintaining roadways to ensure the safety of the traveling public.


Common Street or Traffic Control Questions

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Street Sweeping Schedule

Pothole Alert: Please Report Street Damage Here

Tell us about any hazardous street conditions needing attention, including potholes, damaged signs, clogged storm drains, flooding or debris. Thank you for keeping us informed—we’ll get to work on it.

Lights-Out Alert:

To report a streetlight issue, please call 623-349-6800 (option #5) or fill out the form below. You will need the nearest address or cross streets of the Pole location, along with the pole number, which is posted about 6 feet off the ground on the street side of the pole. This is a six digit number that begins with S.

Report Streetlight Damage Form

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