Water Resources Update

The City of Buckeye is committed to providing safe, reliable and affordable water for our residents now and for the future.

We take all concerns from our customers very seriously. We’ve continued to be engaged and remain committed to working with our customers to address all concerns regarding water billing and usage.

We fully acknowledge that the initial response to our customer’s concerns about increased rates and usage spikes was not acceptable. There were many factors at play leading up to this situation, including:

  • Mistakes made by Buckeye staff
  • Poor service from our billing contractor
  • Irrigation and plumbing problems on customer properties

Since October of 2016, we’ve devoted ourselves to revamping, improving and updating our processes and practices to rebuild our water customers’ confidence with Buckeye’s Water Resources Department.

For the past few months, crews from Buckeye’s Water Resources have been working six days a week replacing electronic sending unit equipment throughout the city. These sending units relay data from water meters to a central server to calculate monthly bills. The average life span of these devices is approximately ten years.

This new equipment will provide some great features to our water customers so they can better monitor and manage their accounts. It’s also a big component to a new billing system that will launch later this year.

The new billing system will offer easy to read bills, improved payment options, a versatile customer service portal and detailed access to your account information.

Starting in June, all former Global customers will be receiving their monthly bill directly from the city of Buckeye, instead of Fathom. Once customers receive their new bill, they will have several options on how to pay each month.

Water Resources is communicating these changes to customers in numerous ways – direct mailing letters, bill inserts in their Fathom bills for April and May, messages on Fathom’s payment portal website, and an improved webpage on the city’s website – www.buckeyeaz.gov/pay-bills

Customers with email addresses associated with their accounts will also receive a newsletter. In addition, the city will be making phone call reminders, which will be especially helpful to customers who only live in Buckeye part of the year.

Buckeye’s Water Resources remains committed to providing great customer service and safe, reliable and affordable water, now and in the future.

  • Established a phone hotline and email account to capture our water customer’s usage and billing  concerns, and respond to them in a timely manner
  • Posting weekly updated hotline results on the City’s website
  • Lowering water rates, and cancelling a scheduled rate increase
  • Providing additional, dedicated Water Resources staff to handle all water hotline inquiries
  • Conducting water audits as at customer properties to find solutions to customer concerns
  • Taking over customer service responses for former Global water customers who are being billed by a private contractor, Fathom
  • Hiring and training three new Customer Service Representatives
  • Hiring a new Customer Service Supervisor
  • Meeting directly with Fathom to address our concerns with their service to Buckeye water customers
  • Installing new water meters and/or transmitting devices throughout the city to replace out-of-date equipment
  • Improving field staff data collection to resolve customer concerns
  • Revising Customer Service employee schedules, and expanding our customer service area to accommodate more customers at busy times
  • Modifying billing cycles and due dates for accounts that may become delinquent
  • Implementing a new training plan for customer service staff
  • Continuing to educate customers on water conservation techniques and tips to ensure we have enough water for today and tomorrow

Below you will find information on cases that have been called in to the Buckeye Water Hotline. You can also download a detailed report of  this information. If you have an inquiry of your own, please call (623) 349-6900 or email waterhotline@buckeyeaz.gov.  Please include your name, address, phone number and account number.

As of Close of Business – 09/14/17

Cases closed: 547

Cases open: 0

Detailed Information:

Description of all cases Total
City identified and resolved situation 152
Courtesy Adjustment Provided 110
No high usage, audit performed, customer given information 86
Customer identified and resolved situation 72
Ineligible for Adjustment 71
In progress 39
Questions related to fees/billing 34
Sending unit/data error 30
Out of Service Area 4
Waiting for customer to call or provide correct contact information 2
Wanted names of plumbers/information unrelated to usage 2

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