Broadway Road Water Campus

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Project Background:

The Broadway Road Water Campus project is located on the south side of Broadway Road, midway between Apache and Watson roads.  The Buckeye City Council  approved the multi-phased, multi-year project in 2017, and for its completion the end of Fiscal Year 2021/2022. The project is intended to consolidate and/or upgrade water facilities and water infrastructure throughout the city.

The water service area for this new facility is bounded by the Yuma Road alignment on the north, the Buckeye Canal on the south, Watson Road on the east and Miller Road on the west.
BRWC location map

Project Overview:

The campus is an important component in the city’s water resource portfolio to provide better quality water to current and future Buckeye residents and businesses. The water treatment plant is being constructed to treat 6mgd (million gallons per day) with the ability to expand to 16mgd in the future. The goal of this project is to develop a strategic long-term vision that will provide high quality water and service to residents and businesses, address current production needs and provide for controlled expansion and upgrades to coincide as development occurs. 

The project includes design and construction of a new regional water campus including storage tanks, treatment facilities and booster pumps; design and construction of new wells; design and construction of well transmission lines to the water campus and distribution lines to service area residents and businesses. 

Construction Information:

Buckeye AWC current site DEC19Contractor crews recently completed the structural concrete on the 4MGD reservoir on the water campus, and are in the process of removing all of the concrete forms and falsework from the interior of the structure. Once removed, they will begin introducing water to the structure and begin extensive testing procedures.

The two 16” pipelines from Sonoran Vista to the Broadway Road Water Campus are 95% complete and will be tied into the 4MGD reservoir once testing of the structure is complete. 

Broadway Well #2 is complete and has been turned over to City of Buckeye for beneficial use. Broadway Well #3 is nearing completion and scheduled to be finished in April 2020. 

Upcoming Construction Activities:

Broadway Well #1 commissioning will be completed in May 2020 and turned over to the City of Buckeye for beneficial use at that time. 

Broadway Well #5 well drilling and site construction begins in January 2020 and expected to be complete December 2020.  

In addition, construction of three treatment tanks began in February 2020 on the southern portion of the water campus, and scheduled to be complete December 2020. 

The construction notice for Broadway Well #5, scheduled to begin in April 2020, is available below in the "Project Exhibits/Information".


Project Exhibits/Information:

Project Information:   602.532.6250  |   Email Us