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Thank you for working with Buckeye!

Welcome to Buckeye Vendor Services 


In order to receive timely payments from the City, you must have a verified and active account on Vendor Self Services (VSS).

Start here  if you are not registered on Vendor Self Services.  

You will need to fill out the entire page by creating a user name and password with hint, checking the I'm not a robot box, then entering your existing Buckeye Vendor ID (four digit number) and Tax Identification Number (TIN/FID/SSN) associated with the business name then choosing continue. 

If you need assistance, please contact Rebecca Martinez at (623) 349-6280 or email at:

Buckeye Vendor Self Service (VSS) portal gives you 24/7 web-based access to your business records such as purchase orders, invoices, 1099's, and accounts payable check information.  You also have the ability to update your profile, including main address, remit addresses, contact information, updated W-9's, Insurance Certificates, and commodities information.  


  • Please make sure you have a valid purchase order for the goods and/or services you are providing. It is the vendor's responsibility to ask for the purchase order prior to providing any goods and/or services to the city.
  • Every invoice must reference the correct purchase order number.
  • The purchase order must have enough funds to cover the invoice.
  • Your VSS account must be active in order to process your invoice.
  • The name of the business must be listed on your vendor account. If you use a dba (doing business as) you must add the business name to your account and provide proof with a new IRS form W9.
  • The remit address for payment must be listed on your vendor account. This can be added in VSS as an additional address. Please do not change the main address unless the business has actually moved.  The main office address must remain on file.  An unlimited number of remit addresses can be added to your account for payment if necessary.
  • Please provide a contact person with phone number and email address for questions regarding the invoice.

Thank you!!

Helpful Information and Links:

 VSS Portal Access