Engineering Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Where do I find the Engineering Design Standard Details?

    The Engineering Design Standard Details are located in the appendix of each Design Standard Section.

  • Where do I find already constructed infrastructure?

  • Does the City of Buckeye have Engineering plan review checklists?

    When Engineering plan review checklists are finalized they will be made available on the city website.

  • Does the City of Buckeye have an approved materials list?

    The City of Buckeye has an approved asphalt mix design. This document is located in Engineering Processes under the Construction stage.

  • Can I schedule inspections on Saturdays?

    Yes. Please contact your Engineering Permit Technician for an After Hours Inspection Application.

  • What is required for the closeout submittal?

    The closeout submittal checklist is located in Engineering Processunder the Closeout stage.