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The Office of the City Clerk serves as the historian of the City and as a direct link between residents of Buckeye and local government. Duties and roles of the City Clerk are governed by state and local authority. The City Clerk is responsible for promoting transparency by adhering to open meeting law and properly managing public records. City elections are administered by the City Clerk, who acts as the election official. The City Clerk holds the official seal of the City, manages the City’s Code of Ordinances and administers the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

The goal of the City Clerk is to administer and safeguard the integrity of the municipal government process and to consistently provide high quality local government services. Promoting public participation, growth opportunities and fiscal responsibility are high priorities for this department. The City Clerk’s Office strives to support the vision of the City by carrying out the duties impartially and objectively so as to reinforce confidence in the highest standards of ethical integrity. Professionalism and superior standards of internal and external customer service are key to fulfilling this role.

The City Clerk acts under the authority of Arizona Revised Statutes § 9-271 and Sections 3-1-1 and 3-2-2 of the City of Buckeye Code of Ordinances.


Special Notice - electronic processes: Please send your processes to the City Clerk for acceptance via email or USPS. When submitting electronically, you will receive a time/date/signature of acceptance. Thank you. 

Lucinda J. Aja, CMC

Buckeye City Clerk (623) 349-6911 (623) 349-6915



Lucinda Aja, City Clerk


Lucinda Aja, City Clerk
Phone: 623-349-6911
Fax: 623-349-6098

Summer Stewart, Deputy City Clerk
Phone: 623-349-6914

Lizbeth Camacho, Records Manager/ADA Coordinator
Phone: 623-349-6912

Brittny Woods, Administrative Assistant
Phone: 623-349-6915