Jeanine Guy

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City Council District 2

Phone: (623) 349-6942
Mobile: (623) 300-6063
Fax:     (623) 349-6951
Term expires November 2020

Buckeye Councilmember Jeanine Guy 2018Jeanine started her career working for the City of Buckeye in 1992.  During that time period, Jeanine held the positions of Library Director, Director of Parks, Recreation and Library Services, Community Services Director, Assistant Town Manager and Town Manager.  She retired from the City of Buckeye in 2010.

Jeanine was elected and served on the Buckeye Union High School District Governing Board from 1997 – 2004.  She served in the offices of both Clerk and President.   She was also elected to the Western Maricopa County Education District Governing Board and served from 2012-2016.  She served as both Vice-Chairman and Chairman.

Jeanine and her husband Jerry have lived in the Downtown/Mainstreet area of Buckeye for 36 years.  They have three sons and 8 beautiful grandchildren.