General Obligation Bonds

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The VD1CFD will appear on your property tax statement from Maricopa County as VERRADO DIST 1 CFD.  The GO debt is paid for through the normal property tax process with the county.  Payment of the debt service is through collections of an ad valorem property tax levy on properties within the district based upon the assessed valuation.  The Maricopa County Assessor determines the assessed value of the property and the Maricopa County Treasurer collects the property tax.

GO Bond Authorization = $100,000,000

Year  Project Bonds  Refunding Bonds  Bond Documents
 2003  $24,000,000    2003 GO Bond Issuance
 2006  $18,600,000    2006 GO Bond Issuance
 2013  $6,000,000  $20,400,000  2013 GO Bond Issuance
 2017    $14,055,000  2017 GO Bond Issuance