Special Assessment Lien Bonds

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The special assessment liens are billed semi-annually with payments due on 6/1/xx & 12/1/xx. In the event of a refinance or sale of the home, the District does not mandate that the assessment be paid in full, only that the account remains in current status.

This special assessment lien does assume first lien position even before the mortgage, second only to property taxes

These assessments are not affiliated with your Homeowner Association dues or County Property Taxes.

Failure to make these payments on or before the due date will result in a 5% penalty for the delinquency amount and additional collection costs.  Failure to pay thereafter will result in the entire amount of the assessment, the addition of collection costs, including attorney fees and the foreclosure sale of the property assessed.   
 Year  District Name  Bond Amount  Bond Documents
 2005  Westpark CFD No. 1  $3,800,000  2005 SA1 Bond Issuance


To obtain current lien status, repayment schedule or a payoff quote, please email