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  • How do I purchase a plot?

    All plots are purchased through the City of Buckeye. You should call the Fire Administration Cemetery Office at 623-349-6170 to obtain the required forms or the funeral home may act as your agent.  However, all forms must be filled out and signed.
  • Do you offer a payment plan?

    No.  As of May 1, 2018, the City Code no longer allows plots to be purchased under an installment plan.  To reserve a plot, the amount of $2,000 for a full plot or $1,000 for a half plot must be paid in full at the time of the reservation.  Burials cannot be scheduled until all fees are paid.
  • Can anyone be buried at the Cemetery?

    No, a person must either meet residency requirements in the Buckeye area or have at an immediate family member buried in the cemetery.
  • I think I have a plot reserved.

    If you have a plot reserved, you will have a Certificate of Ownership. If you do not or cannot locate it, please contact the cemetery office at 623-349-6170. If you cannot locate the certificate and the City does not have a record of the transaction, a plot is NOT reserved and could be used by others.
  • What type of headstone can I have?

    The City requires all headstones and markers to be flat or flush with the ground. A concrete border is provided by the City with a space for flowers. The maximum dimension for single headstone is 28” x 16” and 40” x 16” for a double headstones, where double headstones must have two neighboring plots purchased.
  • Can I set the Marker?

    No, only the City of Buckeye or its agent is authorized to perform work at the cemetery. Once a headstone has been purchased, you will need to contact the cemetery office to request a headstone placement.
  • Can someone else make the arrangements for me?

    Yes, another family member or the funeral home may make arrangements; however, all forms must be filled out completely, signed, fees paid and a receipt from the City before the transaction is final. All transaction activity must be complete within 48 hours of a scheduled burial, or the Cemetery Staff shall have the right to postpone services.
  • I left flowers on a grave and now the are gone.

    Cemetery staff will remove any wilted or faded flowers and any unlawful items from the cemetery. During mowing or irrigation, flowers may be moved and/or displaced. The City is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items.
  • How do I find a grave?

    If you know the grave location(grave, lot, block, section) a map is available at the cemetery. If you only have a name, the grave description can be obtained by calling the cemetery office at 623-349-6170. If you still cannot find the grave, arrangements can be made for an employee to meet you at the cemetery during normal business hours.
  • How do I report a concern about the cemetery?

    If you have a concern about the cemetery, we encourage you to call or stop by the cemetery office at any time, during normal business hours.