Flood Irrigation

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The Louis B. Hazelton Memorial Cemetery utilizes flood irrigation. The irrigation water is received from the Roosevelt Irrigation District. It is cemetery staff’s intent to irrigate on a weekly basis. It is our hope to notify residents and cemetery visitors of irrigation dates, however, it is difficult to set a schedule for the irrigation for many reasons. The following variables may affect delivery dates and times:

  • The delivery schedule of the canal company and its ability to provide water in the canal system
  • System capacity (pressure and low capability of pipes)
  • Equipment or system tampering
  • Main breaks that force the system to be shut down for repair

IMPORTANT: During flood irrigation, loose or even appropriately placed items may become dislodged and displaced. The city is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items.

The Cemetery staff will make every effort to notify customers of pending irrigation. Please call (623) 349-6170 with any questions or concerns.