Census 2020

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iCount 2020 Census

Census 2020

The 2020 Census is open, participate at now!

Every ten years, America comes together to participate in the census or count of everyone living in the country. It includes people of all ages, races, citizens and non-citizens, providing the basis for distributing billions of dollars in federal funding. Buckeye has partnered with the iCount2020 campaign to help get the word out about the importance of the 2020 Census. Taking part in the census is your right and civic duty.

Why it matters

The U.S. Census affects every city and resident across the country, including right here in Buckeye. An accurate count of the city’s population is vital because the information is used for many things, including:

  • Distributing more than 700 billion in federal funding. Arizona share is $13.5 billion
  • Ensuring public safety and planning new schools and hospitals
  • Improving old neighborhoods and developing new homes
  • Decisions on where to build new offices and stores, creating more jobs
  • Adding new representation in Congress


How to participate

Every household must complete a census survey by April 1, 2020 and this time it’s easier than ever.

  • Online – For the first time you will be able to fill out the census online. You will receive a postcard in the mail with a personal code and directions
  • Mail - Paper surveys can also be made available
  • Phone – Information can also be entered by dialing in

Canadian Citizens living in the United States

  • If a *Canadian citizen is living in Arizona on Census Day (April 1st) they can and should complete the Census here in Arizona.
  • Regardless of whether or not a Canadian citizen lives in the Unites States (US) for six (6) months, they should take the Census in the state that is their primary residence while they are living in the US.
  • That is to say, if they live in Arizona for four (4) months and then return to Canada for eight (8) months then they can still be counted in Arizona as this is where they live a majority of the time when they are in the US.
  • If they leave the US before Census Day but would still like to be counted, they can complete the Census online (starting in March 2020).
  • If a Canadian citizen splits their time between Arizona and another state before returning to Canada, then, whichever state they spend the most time in, while in the US, is where they should be counted.
  • That is to say, if they spend three (3) months in Arizona and two (2) months in Washington and then they return to Canada, their Arizona address is what they should be counted.
  • If a Canadian citizen splits their time between two (2) states equally, they should take the Census in the state they live in on Census Day.
  • That is to say, if they live in Arizona for three (3) months and in Washington state for three (3) months, but will be in Arizona on Census Day, they should be counted in Arizona.


  • *All rules stated above are applicable to both Canadians, other non-US citizens and/or other foreign-born residents who spend time living here in the United States.


Private and confidential

By law, The U.S. Census Bureau cannot share the information collected with others. This includes Immigration and Naturalization Services, The Internal Revenue Service, military, police, etc.

What to watch for

February 2020 – Group counts begin (shelters, dorms, nursing homes, etc.)

March 23, 2020 – Letters mailed. Residents invited to respond

April 1, 2020 – Census Day

May 2020 – Non-response follow-up

December 31, 2020 – Count delivered to President

Census jobs

The U.S. Census National Processing Center Phoenix is one of two 2020 Census processing centers in the country. NPC Phoenix will be supporting the 2020 Census with nearly 1000 employees at the SW Phoenix location near 43rd Ave and Buckeye Rd. Positions include entry level data entry, coding, processing, material handling and more while providing a minimum pay of $15.08 plus benefits. Applicants must apply to every position of interest at using keyword "NPC" and location "Phoenix" to search for vacancies.

On social

Facebook - iCount2020 Official

Twitter - @iCount2020

Instagram - iCount2020official

Census Partners

Maricopa Association of Governments

United States Census Bureau



Avoiding Scams Online

Phishing is a criminal act in which someone tries to get your information by pretending to be an entity that you trust. Phishing emails often direct you to a website that looks real but is fake—and may be infected with malware.

It is important to know that the Census Bureau will not send unsolicited emails to request your participation in the 2020 Census. Further, during the 2020 Census, the Census Bureau will never ask for:

  • Your Social Security number.
  • Your bank account or credit card numbers.
  • Money or donations.


In addition, the Census Bureau will not contact you on behalf of a political party.

Staying Safe at Home

If someone visits your home to collect a response for the 2020 Census, you can do the following to verify their identity:

  • First, check to make sure that they have a valid ID badge, with their photograph, a U.S. Department of Commerce watermark, and an expiration date.
  • If you still have questions about their identity, you can call 800-923-8282 to speak with a local Census Bureau representative.


Reporting Scams

If you suspect fraud, call 800-923-8282 to speak with a local Census Bureau representative. If it is determined that the visitor who came to your door does not work for the Census Bureau, contact your local police department.