Fire Prevention

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The Fire Marshal leads the Fire Prevention Division for the Department and is charged with all community fire and life safety programs.  The Fire Marshal is also responsible for fire code enforcement and arson investigation. An arson investigator is on call 24 hours a day and ready to respond. For all questions concerning the Fire Prevention Division, please call Fire Marshal, Nate Ryan at (623) 349-6759. If you need more information about permitting than the links below provide, please visit the city of Buckeye Permit Portal

Nate Ryan, Fire Marshal
Buckeye Fire - Medical - Rescue Department
Fire Prevention Division
21699 W. Yuma Rd., Ste. 101
Buckeye, AZ 85326
Phone: (623) 349 - 6759

2012 IFC LPG Tank Installation Requirements

31452 Fire Lane Sign

Dry Standpipe Detail

Dry Standpipe Detail 1

Dry Standpipe Detail 2

Dry Standpipe Detail 3

Fire Permit Fees

Kitchen Hood Extinguishing System Inspection

Residential Care Facilities Permit Requirements

Tent Requirements 2012

Underground Fire Line & Flush Inspection


2014 Fire Code Amendments

Construction Site Permit Requirements

Fire Department Access Sign

Final Fire Alarm System Inspection

Final Fire Building and Site Inspection

Final Fire Sprinkler System Inspection

Fireworks Sale and Discharge Checklist


Rough Fire Alarm System Inspection

Rough Fire Sprinkler System Inspection



  • What are the plan review fees for Fire Department permits?

    For current fees, please contact Community Development Permitting at (623) 349-6200. To schedule a Fire Department inspection, click the link below to visit the Permit Center. City of Buckeye Online Permit Center.

  • Are deferred submittals required for Fire Plans review?

    Deferred submittals are required for the following:

    1. Automatic Fire Sprinkler System –Systems with 20 or more heads are required to be monitored. Systems with less than 20 heads MAY be required to be monitored.
    2. Automatic Fire Alarm Systems must be monitored by an approved third party. Tenant improvements to shellrequire individual monitoring.
    3. Commercial Kitchen Hood Suppression systems.
    4. Special Fire Suppression Systems (i.e., FM200 / UL300 systems)
    5. Plans are required to be designed by a NICET III or IV stamped, signed, or Fire Protection Engineer sealed and signed


  • Are fire flow tests required to be witnessed by the Fire Department?

    Flow tests are required to be performed by a qualified company and/or individual AND witnessed by a Fire Department representative. Please contact Nate Ryan, Fire Marshal, at (623) 349-6759, to schedule a flow test.

    Please note: a permit, including a fee, is required to prior to performing this test. Please contact Development Services Permitting at (623) 349-6200 to obtain a permit.

  • Are residential care facilities required to have an Automatic Sprinkler System installed?

    All Residential Care facilities are classified as an R-4 occupancy and are required to have Automatic Sprinkler System installed (Modified 13D).

    Contact the Nate Ryan, Fire Marshal, at (623) 349-6759 for additional requirements.

  • To what codes are the installations of above or underground LPG Tanks required to conform?

    Installations of all portable, above ground or underground LPG tanks at a minimum will conform to the following:

    1. The 2012 International Fire Code
    2. The 2012 International Fuel Gas Code
    3. The 2011 edition of NFPA 58–Liquefied Petroleum Gas Code
    4. Underground tanks shall not be buried until inspected and approved for burial by the Buckeye Fire Department

    Contact Nate Ryan, Fire Marshal, at (623) 349-6759 for additional requirements.

  • How do I find out if today is a no-burn day?

    The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality-Air Quality Division governs whether or not a day is designated as a no-burn day. Please visit: more information.