Mosquito Prevention

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With the monsoon, comes more mosquitoes and the potential for the deadly diseases that they can carry. Protecting yourself from mosquito bites is critical because mosquito-born illnesses, like West Nile virus, do occur in Maricopa County.

West Nile virus is typically spread through the bite of an infected mosquito. Although it can cause severe disease, only about 1 in 5 of those infected will develop any symptoms at all.



  • flu-like illness including fever
  • headache
  • body aches
  • muscle weakness
  • Those with weakened immune systems at higher risk



Fight the bite

  • Use insect repellent containing DEET
  • Drain and remove containers that hold water from around your home
  • Scrape the sides of the dish or inside potted plants where mosquitoes lay their eggs
  • Make sure doors and windows have tight-fitting screens
  • Wear lightweight clothing that covers your arms and legs
  • Ensure that swimming pools and decorative water features are properly maintained


Large numbers of mosquitoes interfere with outdoor work and recreation, cause livestock to lose weight, and lower property values. Everyone is responsible for eliminating and preventing mosquito breeding on their property.

Maricopa County Vector Control fogs sections of Buckeye periodically throughout the year. Check out the Mosquito Management map here.

Maricopa County Vector Control also makes mosquito-eating fish available free of charge.