Proposed Rate Adjustments

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In January of 2018, Buckeye Water Resources initiated a Rate Study to develop a multi-year financial plan that can sustain the long-term financial health of both the water and wastewater utilities. The goal was to ensure:

  • The rate design recovers costs required to provide service
  • Customers pay their fair share of costs
  • Reserve levels are maintained based on industry standards
  • The long-term financial health of the utility is maintained

The study determined that a multi-year 3.5% revenue adjustment was needed for the water utility, but that no increase was required for wastewater.

See how this proposed rate increase compares with other monthly utility bills in the West Valley.

As part of the study, recommended rates were established for each of the city’s customer classes (residential, commercial, multi-family and landscape).

To see how this proposed increase might affect your monthly bill, please try our utility bill estimator.

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*This estimator will help determine how the proposed increase might affect your monthly bill.
**Note - this estimator does not include all possible fees the city may bill individual customers.


April 2 – City Council Workshop

April 16 – City Council adopted Notice of Intent and set July 2 public hearing date

May 16 – Public Meeting/Open House, 6 to 7 p.m. at the Coyote Library (Yuma & Dean)

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5 Year Cost of Service Transition

May 23  – Final Rate Study Report and Resolution 23-19 are filed with the City Clerk and posted on the web

July 2 – City Council Public Hearing, 6 p.m. City Council Chambers

Oct 1 – New water rates become effective

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