Rate Study

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Providing water and wastewater service is one of the most important services a city provides residents. It is also one of the most highly regulated and complex industries in the country.

In January of 2018, Water Resources initiated a Rate Study to give the department a “financial health check-up” for both water and wastewater divisions. The primary goals were to:

  • Ensure each utility can maintain current service levels
  • Meet future demands and ensure growth pays for itself
    • Buckeye is the fifth fastest growing city in the U.S.
    • Both water and wastewater customers increase by 7.5% each year
  • Maintain, replace, repair or build critical infrastructure
    • New wells and water treatment facilities will give customers better quality water
  • Reflect today’s current market costs needed to deliver and treat drinking water and also meet federal standards     Buckeye Water Facts

Water Resources Facts

  • Over 400 miles of water lines                                         
  • 8,500 valves
  • 35 wells
  • 25 reservoirs
  • Produce an average of 2.7 billion gallons of water annually
    • Store approximately 15.5 million gallons to meet daily consumption needs
  • Electricity costs average $1.6 million each year

Some of the city’s current infrastructure, (i.e. wells, water lines, etc.) are over 40 years old and are reaching the end of their life expectancy.

In some locations in the city, the water pumped from nearby wells is poor quality water and contain naturally occurring minerals, making the water “hard”. Drilling new wells nearby will result in better quality water for residents.  

Some current projects to improve our water quality are:

These projects are replacing and improving our current, aging infrastructure to deliver better quality water to homes and businesses.

As the city grows, these facilities are designed to expand (expansion paid by Impact Fees, not current residents) to meet future customer demands as needed. This smart, long-term planning will continue to attract new employers, businesses and residents to Buckeye.