Frequently Asked Questions

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Proposed Fee FAQs

  • Why are you proposing a flat fee of $3.05 for all metered water customers?
  • How long will this fee be in place?
  • Water rates were just increased. Why do you need another fee?
  • Don’t we already pay for repair and replacement through our CFD rates?
  • The infrastructure in Festival and Tartesso are new compared to the rest of the city. Why should I pay for an increase that only affects the older part of the city?
  • How will this new fee improve water quality, attract new employers, restaurants and retail shops?
  • Why are current residents subsidizing new developments?
  • How come improving water quality is so expensive in Buckeye compared to other cities?
  • I get my water from EPCOR or Arizona Water. Will this flat fee be on my bill too?
  • Doesn’t this new fee really just help the city pay off the purchase of the Global Water System?
View a printable version of the Frequently Asked Questions here

Global Water Purchase FAQs

  • What was the process when the city approved the purchase of the Global/Valencia Water Company?
  • Why did we purchase Global/Valencia Water?
  • Was there a thorough inspection of the entire Global Water system before the city purchased it?
  • Did we do a before and after review of the lines, wells and infrastructure that were part of the system?
  • How many more developments are part of the Global purchase; and how many of those agreements still need to be resolved?
  • What is the balance on the Global loan purchase? How is this being repaid?
View a printable version of the Global Water Purchase Frequently Asked Questions here