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Buckeye Wastewater FactsWastewater from homes and businesses is collected through approximately 270 miles of sewer lines. It’s then sent to one of four wastewater reclamation facilities for treatment. These facilities use various processes to achieve Class A+ effluent reclaimed/reuse water.

Wastewater treatment facilities take our dirty water and turns it into clean water through a unique treatment process. The wastewater treatment process removes the bacteria, pathogens, organic matter and chemical pollutants that may pose risks to animals, wildlife and our health and safety.

The Wastewater Collection staff is responsible for operating, maintaining and repairing approximately 270 miles of collection mains. This also includes the inspection of approximately 6,400 manholes.

Our wastewater collection system is cleaned regularly using a pressure cleaning procedure. Specialized vehicles are equipped with hoses and nozzles that scour the insides of the collection mains to remove built up grease, grit and roots. This type of cleaning ensures that wastewater continues to flow downstream to the wastewater treatment sites.