Sewer Cleanout

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A sewer cleanout is an important part of your home’s plumbing system. Plumbing professionals use them to clear sewer line backups within your home.

Typically, they are located in either in your front or back yard, and usually near a bathroom or kitchen. A sewer cleanout has two (2) six inch (6″) caps about a foot apart with an octagon nut on top.

Depending on how old your home is, will depend on the type of sewer clean out. If your home is less than twenty years old, it’s likely the contractor who built your home also installed your sewer cleanout.

If your home is twenty years old or older, you may not have a sewer cleanout. If you’ve done any remodeling to your home, like a patio or room addition, it’s possible your sewer cleanout was covered over during the remodel.

In addition, some homeowners have difficulty finding their sewer cleanout. Over the years, your home’s landscape changes and plants may have covered it up.

Sewer cleanouts are part of your home’s private plumbing system and is separate from the city’s sewer system. Unfortunately, the city of Buckeye does not have any records on file to show where your sewer cleanout is located on your property.