Checking for Leaks

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The average household's leaks can account for more than 10,000 gallons of water wasted every year, or the amount of water needed to wash 270 loads of laundry. There are many great reasons to find and fix leaks inside of your home including saving water and lowering your monthly water bill. 

Checking for leaks around your home is easier than you might think. It's also a great way to involve children and teach them the value of water conservation. Our friends at the Arizona Municipal Water Users Association (AMWUA) have put together the Smart Home Water Guide, which provides a step-by-step guide to finding and fixing water leaks in and around your home. You can also download our How to Read Your Water Meter Guide to learn how to read some of the more common water meters and how to use those readings to determine where and when leaks are occurring. 

Smart Home Water Guide

Outdoor water use accounts for more than 30 percent of total household water use, on average, but can be as much as 60 percent of total household water use in arid regions. As much as 50 percent of the water we use outdoors is lost due to wind, evaporation, and runoff caused by inefficient irrigation methods and systems. A household with an automatic landscape irrigation system that isn't properly maintained and operated can waste up to 25,000 gallons of water annually.

Spencer the Husky's Guide to Outdoor Water Leaks illustrates one of the ways water loss can occur in your outdoor space.